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Enzo Ochoga Biography:

Mindset Speaker. Agile Coach. Industrial and Organizational Psychologist. Storyteller. Survivor. These are just some of the words one might use to describe Enzo Ochoga. With a background in personal and business development coaching, keynote speaking and Wellness, Enzo is clear in her convictions. She is sharply driven by intuition. A spiritual needle guides her at all times to make a larger impact, specifically with helping and inspiring women to UNMUTE and TRANSFORM their universe by harnessing their voice and POWER within.

Little Stories

I have had the honor to speak at countless global leadership events over the past few years. It is important that we as people understand how to connect and align who we are, and what we say we represent, in the various industries we find ourselves. Clarity, purpose, and connections are vital. 

Mentorship is a key component in every journey that involves growth. Paying it forward is important if we want to see positive changes in our lives and the organizations we serve. I would not be a good mentor to any team without good mentorship from those before me. Give your best self to those around you and they in turn will give their best to those around them.
Empathy, compassion, collaboration, and transparency are strong attributes and values leaders should anchor within. As a leader, one is not merely a person in the lead nor the front man/woman, but a ladder that is present to carry the team and thrive through every given process together.

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