Set the tone of your event with a seasoned keynote speaker. Enzo is known for her compelling and compassionate storytelling abilities that inspire her audiences. As a friend to all, an agile coach, leadership connoisseur and research scientist, she is no stranger to crafting an authentic message tailored for events she aligns with. Audiences will …


Team Coaching:

This is both a virtual and in person hands-on session. The sessions are result driven, and Enzo focuses on building a more collaborative and empowered team. This program is designed and tailored to help guide and develop a better working system that teams can use to be more productive. Each team member is unique and …

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Life Coaching:

This is a holistic and private session designed for individuals or groups. Enzo works with her clients to help them overcome roadblocks, while guiding them through a customized step by step course that is right for them. Life is full of shifts and sometimes these shifts can be daunting. Whatever you are going through, this …

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